Silicone Self-adhesive Strapless Push Up Bra

From the revolutionary ways of creating bras comes another expertly crafted Silicone Self-adhesive Strapless Push Up Bra that redefines the ultimate comfort for women. It opts for a more natural shape that is specially designed with drawstring to provide the most impressive deep V-shape cleavage. It can be worn under almost anything from dresses to tank tops that ensures to highlight your beautiful body figure to make you feel very confident about yourself. 


  • Made of pure medical-grade silicone you won't even know you're wearing them.
  • Pull rope design magically brings your breast together and enhances the overall appearance of your breast to give you a fuller cleavage.
  • Easy to apply as it attaches directly to the skin without leaving a trace or residue on skin after removing the bra.
  • Reusable. Just wash with warm water and mild soap and then air dry. Once the bra is dry, the adhesive regenerates itself for next use.
  • Comfortable to wear with no bra-straps nor back buckle.
  • It has a plastic material that protects the sensitive nipple area.


  1. Place bra vertically on breasts.
  2. Gently stick to the chest inside to pull for effect.
  3. Clasp together both sides of the bra, meeting them to the center.
  4. Buckle together to have a great V-shape cleavage.


  1. Wash with a small amount of neutral foam.
  2. Wash the foam with warm water.
  3. Store in a clean, hanging ventilation far from direct sunlight.
  4. After drying, attach to its packet to avoid dust.


  • It is important to choose the correct cup size. If not sure about your size, it is recommended to buy two adjacent sizes or buy one size larger to enlarge breasts more effectively.
  • Do not wear on days with hot temperature because sweat may cause it to slip down.
  • Do not use moisturizer, perfume, powder, or any other skin care product on breasts prior to use because it will reduce the effect of the adhesive.
  • If you are over DD size, this kind of Push Up Bra is not suitable for you.

4 Sizes to choose:A.B.C.D

1 x Silicone Self-adhesive Strapless Push Up Bra

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