Portable Mini Jets Perfume Bottle

This Handy travel size 5ml perfume atomisers is perfect for travelling. Because of its pocket travel size, you can put it anywhere - in your car, handbag, when you go to the gym or just everywhere you want to go. You don’t need to carry a huge bottle of perfume with you because you can easily put it in this perfume atomiser and you’re good to go. It is designed to have a handy window so you can see when your perfume is getting low. The different colors can help you organize your different scents.
It has a unique design which is suitable for both men and women. Perfect for storing some of your favorite Perfume/Aftershave in a smaller container without having to take the whole bottle with you on holiday.


- These 12 ml spray bottles with caps have a sturdy aluminum metal shell and clear glass container inner. Never worry about breakage or leakage in your pocket, bag, purse, or luggage.

- You can see how much you have left in the bottle by using the window on the side of the bottle. Ideal for placing in your handbag for nights out, meetings, work or any place where you want to freshen up.

- It is very easy to put perfume in them. It is a simple pump action, and you don't have to worry about trying to 'pour' your fragrance in like other products. With other products, it's easy to spill more than actually goes in, but with this portable perfume bottle, it is easy, and it stays in.

- This perfume atomizer set is airplane safe and will not leak inside your purse or suitcase. It is travel essential for both men and women, perfect for storing your perfume, aftershave, makeup remover and so on. Give you a fresh perfume spray when you are on the go all day


Just press the bottom against your favorite ghost spirits and keep pressing until it is replenished. It's very easy to use and can be refilled in seconds. Pocket size with 5 ml capacity and ideal for sliding into any bag. It consists of 4 parts: top, bottom, sprayer and glass bottle.

● Capacity: 5 ml/ piece
● Bottle Type : Atomizer
● Net weight: Approx 17 g
● Size: 8.2 cm*1.8 cm (1 inch =2.54 cm)
● Color: Red, Purple, Silver, Black, Light Green, Blue
● Material: Metal Shell & Organic Glass (Inner Container)

1 x Portable Perfume Atomizer

Collections: Women Beauty

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