Opening Flying Cap

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It's the favourite time of the day, beer'o'clock, and we have the perfect accessory to make this special time even more exciting! It's called the Opening Flying Cap and its dual functionality enables you to open beers and shoot out bottle tops. As the bottles empty, line them up take aim and fire!

So next time you need to crack open a bevy forget the standard bottle opener and choose the Opening Flying Cap instead. The larger than normal bottle opener gives more grip and holds the metal crown in place once removed, all with minimal effort. Great fun just for firing or even using as a drinking game!

  • Bottle opener and cap launcher,Projection that can span over 16 feet
  • Pop the cap, aim, fire, then just sit back and enjoy your tasty beverage
  • Ideal gadgets, unique and interesting
  • Great for parties and clubs,Impress your friends

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