Nail Art Stickers

This nail sticker is the most convenient way to decorate whatever you want to your nail with a self-adhesive design. You can style it to your own elegant and fashionable style and is easy to match with any nail color. The set of items mixed with color nail art stickers are uniquely designed with a 3D pattern to make them more wonderful, outstanding and attractive. Very easy and comfortable to use made by durable and hard polymerizing vinyl chloride that will long last and suitable for Professional Salons and for home use.



3D nail stickers are easy to highlight your nail art that will surely caught the attention of others. There are many designs which you can choose in your own fashionable style and taste. It is very easy to apply, smooth and sleek to the nails and the sizes fits most nails and also can be trimmed to fit-in between sizes. So easy, just peel and stick and apply top coat to keep the sticker longer. The designs included lots of cute and artistic designs such as hearts, flowers, stars, cats, etc.



A fun and easy nail decoration that will you a unique and attractive look with professional results without the expense of a nail salon. The trend today that mostly of the women been applying for their nails for decoration and for fun. These stickers are easy for anyone to apply. With this set you can do a totally professional-looking job yourself that all your friends will admire and have fun while doing so.

How to use:

We recommend applying a base coat and white polish first, then peel off the desired sticker with tweezers or your fingers and lay it on your nail, then press and smooth it down. Warming your nails with a hair dryer for a few seconds after putting on the stickers can help it to bond. Any excess sticker can be removed with a nail file. No clear top coat is necessary, but you can apply one if you like. Now you can finish your look with a professional-looking nails.


1. Apply Base Coat to nails.


2. Apply Special Nail Polish on desired image within a plate.


3. Use scraper to scrape off excessive polish from plate quickly.


4. Press down softly with plastic stamp on image plate and lift up immediately. Stamp the image on your nail & finish with a top coat.

and Benefits:

- 3D design nail art stickers in one set will be sold together by random color and pattern.

- Material: durable hard PVC.

- 100% brand new and high quality

- With self-adhesive design, this nail sticker is the most convenient way to decorate your nail.

- Elegant and fashionable style, easy to match any nail color.

- Very easy to use, suitable for Professional Salon and Home use.


  • Size: 50 x 74mm
  • Quantity: 50pcs
  • Material: sticker
  • Product Category: Sticker & Transfer Picture


50*1 x Nail Art Stickers



Collections: Women Beauty

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