Lady Menstrual Cup For Women Menstrual Care

Product Details:
  • Pass the CE,FDA,ROHS SGS Tests.
  • EFFECTIVE, NON-INVASIVE, AFFORDABLE: World's best kept secret- TRY our Silicone Menstrual Cups for a Small Fraction of the Cost of regular pads, tampons, organic pads, cloth pads, or even instead softcup.
  • YOU WILL LOVE THE DRAMATIC RESULTS: That will help you decrease your flow and reduce menstrual cramps because our Menstrual cups are natural and will not Interfere with our body natural flow. 
  • VERSATILE: You can use it anywhere, from swimming to Hiking or just sleeping overnight. Our Menstrual cup will need to be changed twice on the light days and maybe 4 times a day on the heavy menstrual days. This will depend on your individual menstrual flow.
  • HIGH QUALITY : Our Menstrual Cups are made of 100% BPA-FREE FDA Approved Medical Grade Silicone. Not Rubber or Plastic! SAFE, Reusable, Long-Lasting, Effective. Comes with a quality hygiene pouch Case, Instruction Guide and Lasts up to 15 years of regular use! Use it with Period Mate Pads and get 10% OFF
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Save Money and Care for the Environment - No more expensive Tampons and Sanitary Napkins to end up as landfill. One Menstrual Cup per cycle vs. 22 tampons or Sanitary Napkins per period.

How to choose proper size?

-Size S:  for women who have not given birth to a child or women up to the age of 25 years
-Size L:  for women who have given birth to a child or who are over 25 years old





Length of Stem

Max Volume

Up to the Rim














Package Included:
  • 1 x Lady Menstrual Cup
  • 1 x Cloth Bag

Extremely high demand: expect 2-4 weeks for shipping. Limit 3 per person.

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