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Foot Cleaner Easy feet Foot Scrubber

The Easy Feet foot scrubber is an eco-friendly and harmless foot cleaner that can smoothen heels with pumice stone and can be secured for any tub or shower baths. You can turn your shower into a foot spa instantly with Easy Feet foot cleaner. You no longer need to have the trouble of bending down to clean your feet. Without bending or reaching, Easy Feet cleans and massages your feet from heel-to-toe in just one minute giving you clean and smooth feet. Just add soap and slide your feet inside and keep moving back and forth for a thorough cleaning.


Simply move your foot forward and back to clean between toes, arch, heel, sides and top of foot all at once, you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling while cleaning your foot. Adults and children alike can benefit from cleaner, healthier feet. Just secure Easy Feet to any smooth shower or tub surface and its special non-slip suction cups on the bottom keep the foot cleaning scrubber safe and secure while in use. Spend less by turning Easy Feet as your new foot spa like a car wash for your feet to stop doing that one legged dance in the shower when cleaning your feet. You'll get squeaky clean, tingling feet without having to lift or bend in frustrating positions. With over 1,000 rejuvenating bristles and a built-in pumice stone for tired and rough cracked heels.



The Easy Feet Foot Scrubber is meant to be stuck to your bathtub (thanks to nifty suction cups), where you can just run the water, squeeze on a little gel and rub your feet on the stalagmite-like bristles. The thing actually looks like those Adidas shower sandals that soccer players wore in high school, except the strap has bristles, in order to get the grime off the top of your feet.




The Easy Foot feet scrubber has delicate bristles that gently massages, cleans, and exfoliates your feet. It's like getting a pedicure every day!  It makes the dry, ugly skin a thing of the past. Just simply secure the device to your shower, tub or wall surface after use for storage.


  • Size:4.5 x 5.8 x 12.3 inches
  • Product Type:Foot Care Tool


  • 1 x Easy Feet Foot Scrubber

Collections: Men Beauty, Women Beauty

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