DermaRoller - Fuller Lips

  • REDUCE AND ERASE -- DermaRollers are recommended by top Doctors to be the best alternative to surgical procedures to reduce and erase scarring including: Acne scars, Cellulite, Sun damage, Pore size, Stretch marks, Dark spots and Hyper Pigmentation. This is accomplished by stimulating Collagen in the areas where there many not be any collagen productivity. This is also great to accelerate skin regeneration and erase Wrinkles!


  • USE IN CONJUNCTION WITH MANY OTHER BEAUTY PRODUCTS -- This tool can be used together with many other beauty products (such as serums, creams and gels) in the market to quicken the process including Vitamin C, Anti-aging, Hyaluronic Acid Serum. It can be used either alone or together with these other products, studies have shown when used together, the process can go faster and ber more effective overall.


  • TITANIUM NANO MICRONEEDLE -- This Derma roller is made with the highest quality surgical stainless steel! These needles are medical grade and is the same material and quality that surgeons, doctors, & acupuncturists use. Feel safe and confident knowing that this product is made by the finest titanium steel available, that will guaranteed cause the least reactions to the skin of any other material. Our needles are shaped in a diamond shape which causes less pain compared to the other standard round shaped tools which many use.


  • DERMA ROLLING IS PROVEN TO WORK -- Approximately every 28 days the human skin naturally regenerates itself, by using the Derma roller tool you can encourage the skin to regenerate itself in quicker periods of time, in essence you will be growing new, healthier & natural beautiful skin, which can replace and heal any acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks etc. The Derma Roller can also assist with hair regrowth and regeneration, scientists have proven that the tool creates minuscule new holes along the hair line inflicting very minor injuries - causing the body to produce new skin that releases the human growth factor along with other chemicals that aid in hair regrowth.


  • RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED -- All products developed by Art Naturals, comes with the guarantee that the product will work as described. We have a 120 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Our number one priority is 100% customer satisfaction, we do extensive testing and research before releasing any of our products. All of our items are of premium quality and Art Naturals is a brand built to create returning and happy customers.


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