Cushion Eyeliner Gel Feather Link Bottle

A long-wearing, highly pigmented cushion liquid eye liner in an adorable jar packaging is finally here! You heard it right! It’s a cushion eyeliner gel in a feather ink bottle. What could be more delightful and stylish than that? This unique gel liner is lightweight and quick-drying, which saves you the time of fanning your eyelids or slamming your face in front of a fan. The formula glides onto your eyelids in a fluid stroke which allows you to build color, shape, and thickness in order to easily achieve a tight line, a cat eye, or a bold liner look. It has custom-designed Stila La Quill Precision Eyeliner brush that guarantees perfect liner looks. It offers budge-proof formulas with shades ranging from flat to wonderful metallic finishes.

- Easy to color, fast-dry, no smudge, 24 hour long lasting and waterproof
- Perfect for both professional Salon or personal use
- Cushion eyeliner makes it smoother to draw eyeliner
- Feels light and soft, which easily creates the perfect and brilliant eyeliner makeup finish
- The brush is soft and is gentle to the skin.
- Provides you with a smooth, clump-free formula for that perfect wing.
- It has a wide shape, but a slim figure that makes it really easy to grip! It fits surprisingly well in between the fingers and gives you steady control.
- It's really soft on the eyes. You will be able to attain precision and accuracy from this brush when coupled with it's easy-to-hold body.
- It's also a breeze to adjust the pressure put onto the brush tip to get anything from fairly thin lines to thicker, bold ones.
- Made with Althaea Officinalis Root Extract which conditions the skin.
- Washes off easily with warm water so eye makeup is easier to remove and gentle for the eyes.

- Plunge the attached brush into the cushion formula.
- Make sure that the brush is evenly coated, otherwise it will not have as much coverage area as an evenly coated brush.
- Put the brush close to your lash line carefully.
- Use the pointed tip of the brush to precisely draw your desired look.
- Using a powder or eyeshadow to prep the eyes before using the gel liner will help it to last longer.

100% new and high quality
Item Name: Liquid Eyeliner Pencils
Color: 01 (black), 02 (light brown), 03 (deep brown), 04 (Purple)
Net Weight: 5g
Effect: long lasting, waterproof

1 x Cushion Eyeliner Get Feather Ink Bottle

Collections: Women Beauty

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