Creative Fruit Citrus Sprayer (2 PCs)

Give the Citrus Sprayer a few pumps to mist your salads, seafood, and cocktails with the freshest citrus juice straight from the source.

After removing a small portion of the peel, screw the appropriate sprayer into a lime or lemon and pump the sprayer to get your juices flowing (and spritzing)!

The set includes both a large and small sprayer as well as a plastic tray for keeping your round fruit in one place while you’re not holding it.

Package Included:

  • 2 PCs/Set Citrus Sprayer (1 Large Size, 1 Small Size)

Fresh-from-the-source Juice!

Spray fruit juices directly from the fruit with the Citrus Sprayer. Once inserted, the pump extracts fresh lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit juice directly from the pulp and mists it onto your food. Delish!

A little lime on your guacamole? Spritz it! How about fresh lemon juice on your kids' apple slices to prevent browning? Spritz it! Want fresh lemon juice on your trout, salmon, or swordfish? Spritz it!

Simply screw and spray

After removing a small area of the fruit’s peel, use the Citrus Sprayer's screw to easily drill into your fruit. Then gently massage the citrus to release the juices and spray away!

Pump it up!

Each time you press the pump on a Citrus Sprayer, the freshest juice possible mists out to flavor your food. To add more zing to your food, just give it a few more pumps!

Easy to use, easy to clean

Each Citrus Sprayer disassembles for easy clean-up. The spray nozzle unscrews from the coring screw, and the silicone skirt pulls right off. Each of the individual pieces can be rinsed under the sink to be reused immediately without imparting the previous fruit’s flavor. You can also thoroughly clean them in a dishwasher.

Dual Sprayers

When life gives you lemons, use a big Citrus Sprayer. It’s also great for oranges and grapefruit. Or when life gives you limes and other smaller citrus fruit, use a little Citrus Sprayer. In any case, you’ve got the power to extract fresh citrus juice from any size of fruit.

Question: How much juice is in a single spray?

Answer: Since the juice is sprayed in a fine mist, it’s difficult to get an accurate measurement. A spritz of fruit juice with a Citrus Sprayer will add flavor to your dish, but not enough to significantly affect the number of Calories you consume.

Question: Can you use it to juice other things?

Answer: It might be possible to spray other fruits with high water content, but Citrus Sprayers were designed to spray citrus.

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