Cracked Heel Foot Massage Cream

With this product, you can get rid of the dryness and cracking of your heel.

People who are always on the move get a lot of things done, but they also get to be very tired at the end of the day. Especially for women who wear high heeled shoes to work, having calloused feet cannot be avoided. Good thing there’s Cracked Heel Foot Massage Cream that soothes and relaxes the soles of your feet and rejuvenates your skin for a clean and smooth feeling.


  • A natural remedy made from natural ingredients removes the roughness of the skin on the heels and feet.
  • Its versatile formula allows for the daily use on dry skin without needing any oil, cream, or lotion.
  • Results show smooth and healthy skin within a few days of use.


  • Ingredient: Harry Oil
  • NET WT: 57g

1 x Cracked Heel Foot Massage Cream

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