Bike Balls Bicycle Light

Cyclists usually expose themselves to certain dangers when they go for a ride out in the city. There are just drivers who are quite distracted and feels like they own the streets. Well, all that changes with the innovative yet humorous Bike balls bicycle lights. Whether you look at it as balls or as an inverted heart, this device will keep you safe when you go cycling out into the city because the balls are very visible and noticeable compared to the average bike lights. You can say the people in their cars or on the streets would surely look at your balls, and see how bright your light-sacks are. You can be safe on the streets while bringing humor and smile, perhaps laughter, to the public. You now have the balls - one that lights, at that - to go biking at night.

- Increases confidence tenfold.
- It naturally bob-around while you ride, boosting your visibility and safety in a hilarious way.
- Its mounting loop attaches easily on the back of your bike seat, and can also be used for backpacks, tents, strollers, and room decors among others.
- Secure mounting assures the ball light will stay in its place during the entire trip.
- It can take even the roughest of rides as it is water and splash resistant.
- It has a 360-degree glow that makes sure you are visible from a far distance.
1. Wrap the silicone loop tightly around a seat rail and then pull the body down through the loop.
2. Gently squeeze the balls to turn the light on and switch between the solid or flashing modes.
3. Gently squeeze again to turn the balls off.
4. Clean the bike balls by wiping its surface with a damp cloth. Be careful not to submerge the balls in water.
5. Replace batteries for longer use.

1. Bend silicone back.
2. Pull out LED module.
3. Remove cover on LED module. Replace batteries with two new CR2032 battery cells, ensuring that the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals are facing its respective poles. Install cover back on LED module.
4. Bend silicone back.
5. Insert LED module back into place.

Material: Silicon
Item Color: White
LED Color: Red / Blue / Green / Changeable
Size: 14.5 * 6 * 3 cm
Battery: 2 * CR2032 (Included)
3 Mode: Bright / Quick flash / Low flash

Collections: Home Collection

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