Toilet Dredge Unclog Toilet

One of the most annoying things to happen in a house is a clogged toilet! Nobody wants to deal with that especially the traditional way to unclog it is very difficult. Great thing the new Toilet Dredge Unclog Toilet is here to unclog all your worries away! It’s the easiest, safest, and cleanest way to repair your clogged lavatory in just one minute! It’s almost a miracle, really.


  • One time use only for sanitary reasons.
  • Cleanest and easiest way to unclog blocked toilet.
  • No need to use traditional tools or tons of water for flushing.
  • Easy to use and easy to remove from toilet bowl.


  1. Open the lavatory cover, wash off and dry the water on the place to stick the tape.
  2. Remove the pre-cut paper on back top side.
  3. Paste the tape from the back top to the lavatory.
  4. Stick the tape completely as picture.
  5. After flushing water, wait around 5 seconds until the tape will be blown up.
  6. When the inside lavatory is filled by the water and the center of the tape will be blown up, press down with 2 hands to flush out the blocked lavatory water.
  7. Remove the tape in 1 minute.


  • Stick the tape completely to avoid miss the air when push down by hands.
  • If the bidet is installed,remove bidet and use the tape.
  • When the tape blows up from the center after flushing water,gently push down the center of tape with hands.
  • If it is flushed after pushing down the tape,it sounds the flushing water.
  • Keep out of reach to children.


  • Material: High quality LDPE.
  • Size:15.75*18.5 in (W*H).
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1kg 
  • The size of the parcel: 50cm x 10cm x 8cm 


  • 1 x Toilet Dredge Unclog Toilet

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