Platinum Electronic Roller 3D Massager

Forget about expensive slimming program or membership, this Platinum Electronic Roller 3D Massager is the only beauty tool you need this year to shape and tone not just your face but whole body! Inspired by the kneading techniques of professional aestheticians, this two roller design imitates the motion of manual lymphatic drainage, kneading firmly while rolling gently to make your face and body skin to be firmer.

The two balls would not get you hurt but comfort muscle and skin effectively.
Using it follow the direction of face, waist, leg, arm, breast and buttock, it can also slim fat and lift and shape the body!

Features: Massage & Relaxation

  • 3D Roller design adept the whole body skin. Water proof design.
  • With new kneading technology,360 degrees rotate design
  • PT double roller:With PT plating for the sensitivity skin,relieve sensitivity skin.
  • The curved handle:Better design can be adjusted according to different massage place.
  • Fashion design: with MICRO CURRENT technology. Rolling more smoothness.

OMG Beauty Tips:

  • Take off your accessories such as necklace and earrings before using the product.
  • Tie up your hair to avoid hair entanglement especially hair around the ears.
  • For dry and sensitive skin, please apply some lotion before usage.
  • This is the best beauty tool to use during your 45 mins - 1 hour drama time. :D

Get slimmer face and body today, order one now or get it for your loved ones!

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