Choicest1 Water Bottle Sprayer

This water bottle not only allows you to drink from it, but also allows you to use it as a mister or water sprayer. Use it to mist yourself after a long run, or spray down your dog while out on a walk on a hot day. So it's called has three different spray settings, including a shower, a stream, and a mist. 

• Is great for cleaning dishes, yourself and your dog's muddy feet on camping trips
• Easy to drink from while bottle is upright; sprays upside down, too
• Shoots over 25 ft. on stream mode
• Mist feature keeps you cool at outdoor concerts or on hot hikes
• Stealth and pulse modes give you more control over your water and pressure
• Simply insert, pump to build pressure, and turn the nozzle to adjust spray
• Variable flow control trigger lets you use just the right amount of water
• 2 attachment points for lanyards; battery free
• Capacity : 600ml

Collections: Home Collection

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